Since 2019, North Hill Group has built a global team of 17 seasoned professionals with expertise in major markets around the world. Roughly half of our team members are based in the United States, and the rest can be found in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. NHG team members speak more than a dozen languages and draw from decades of experience working on agricultural policy and regulatory science in government and private industry.

Our Core Values

Open Minded and Transparent

Our job is to help clients understand and navigate complex issues, policies and regulatory systems around the world. This work touches upon geopolitical, historical, cultural and economic nuances that are too often misunderstood and underappreciated. When we approach a project for a client, we start with the assumption that we do not already know the best possible path forward. This humility allows us to keep an open mind, gather relevant information, consider diverse viewpoints and integrate feedback, enabling us to arrive at strategies that have the highest chance of success.


We are not just strategic thinkers. We are strategic doers. We believe in building plans with our clients and then executing against those plans with clear metrics and personal accountability.


We deal in issues and markets that are dynamic and complex. For our clients, success means being willing to stay the course in the face of significant odds. Our tenacity sets us apart.


Everywhere we do business, we conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

NHG is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with team members located around the world.

Our Team

North Hill Group is comprised of a diverse group of experts located around the world who all share a passion for food and agriculture.

Carlos Almendares

Senior Advisor

Deanna Ayala

Senior Advisor

Huong Bui

Senior Advisor

Fernando Contreras

Senior Advisor

Greg Dana

Vice President

Ana Luisa Diaz Jimenez

Senior Advisor

Christian Foster

Senior Advisor

Hisao Fukuda

Senior Advisor

Mieko Kasai

Country Lead, Japan

Mary Locke

Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey Nawn

Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Nawn

Chief Operating Officer

Paulo Paes de Andrade

Country Lead, Brazil

Walter Quiros Ortega

Country Lead, Costa Rica

Gabriel Romero

Senior Advisor

Theresa Sult

Senior Advisor

Featured Clients

  • Tropic Biosciences
  • CropLife International
  • Biotech Innovation Organization
  • Pairwise
  • Genus/PIC
  • Sanatech
  • U.S. Department of State
  • Grupo Don Mario
  • Bioceres
  • Ball Helix
  • Ishiihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK)
  • National Watermelon Promotion Board

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